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Kelly Osbourne stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to promote her new album ‘Shut Up’ and promote the second season of ‘The Osbournes’, which premieres tomorrow night. This time around she refrained from taking shots at or other pop stars she doesn’t like. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: give it up for miss Kelly Osbourne


TRL: [Background music] Stand over here

[Cheering] Nice warm reception.

Kelly: I know. I’m so nervous.

TRL: Don’t be nervous although maybe you should be. I don’t know you
got your album droppin’ tomorrow and the new season of the osbournes 10:30 P.M. Tomorrow night. A year ago today, did you ever think your life would get this grandiose, this big.

Kelly: No. I never went to school. I sat on the couch and watched T.V. All day. I thought I would end up the biggest loser.

TRL: Really.

Kelly: Yeah.

TRL: Did you have plans to be a musician.

Kelly: No. I’m doin’ because it is fun.

TRL: I guess a lot has changed since the beginning of the she has that affected all this things changing in your life how has that affected the
next season?

Kelly: As people, we haven’t changed I think it has forced us all to
grow up little bit, you know, so I mean like no one used to care about what we said or our opinions and now people really do care and now like I went from being like just normal and now I’m not, so ha-ha.

TRL: I don’t know if it is safe to say normals I mean come on there
I’m kidding I’m not either. It’s okay we are good people that’s all the lord wants a sneak peek of the first episode tomorrow night at 10:30 layin’ out on my couch I can’t wait to watch it, you and jack in the brotherly, sisterly love they share check this out this is funny.

Jack: Kelly stop they arein’ my jacket.

Kelly: Oh, my god that’s [Bleep]

Jack: Stop spraying my prada jacket I wipe your ass with your jacket.

Kelly: I wipe your ass with my face.

Jack: Kelly wanted to be famous, I never did and now that she has complete fame and success for herself I’m happy for her. I’m glad she got what she wanted.

Kelly: He’s such a liar he didn’t want to be famous he’s so happy now that he’s fame must.

TRL: All the girls like him, too, what’s the deal.

Kelly: He gets some action that little one does.

TRL: Are you upset by that.

Kelly: No.

TRL: You are here to perform “shut up” from the new album out tomorrow we love to have you here this is great and we got to take another breather when we get back of course Kelly will perform, hang out, have some fun,
it’s TRL


TRL: Welcome back to “total request live” here in new york city it is Damien hangin’ out tons of fans, tons of crazy Kelly Osbourne fans and
Snoop Dogg, too. He guys he is back stage with a pen in handwriting na
Thanksgiving day rhyme we’ll here oh, so shortly your album drops tomorrow
called “show up” you co-wrote and wrote a ton on the album what was that
like for the first time writing all those songs?

Kelly: I was really scared because I was like I cannot do this. I didn’t want to sing other people’s songs, if I was gonna do it I wanted to do
it the right way I may shut u lot my producer said you say that all the time
so it started with them and we started and stopped and that’s what we came out with.

TRL: If you have success with the album it doesn’t really feel genuine right, it really came from you.

Kelly: I still think it would be but wouldn’t feel right to me.

TRL: How about the sound of the album sni got to listen to it but people of course it is not out tomorrow what is the sound of the album for people who haven’t heard it.

Kelly: I think it is really different I don’t think there is anything out that sounds a lot like it.

TRL: Did you have an idea what you didn’t want it to sound like?

Kelly: Not really. As I i started and stopped. I didn’t like go I want to be like this. I was kinda open to a bit of everything.

TRL: It is kind of rocky, I think the last track is the only ballad
a great song no. 1 is my favorite song.

Kelly: One of my favorites too.

TRL: Goodness. Did you play it for jack.

Kelly: No. He will not sit done and listen to it always too busy runnin’ around for his Prada jacket.

TRL: How about Ozzy.

Kelly: My dad listens all the time.

TRL: You’re great Kelly


Kelly: He’s like I love that bit and I’m like thanks and I get really shy because he’s the only person I care likes it or not.

TRL: Her first headlining show tomorrow night your friends at se magazine are opening up.

Kelly: A great band check them out.

TRL: You cannot get into the show however you have tickets for rabid
Kelly Osbourne fans that you will disperse.

Kelly: I do.

TRL: Go ahead and do that. There she goes.

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