Kelly Osbourne Picks Up Vibrators With Benji Madden

Kelly Osbourne and boyfriend Benji Madden of Good Charlotte shopped in the Fifth Avenue store Rykiel Woman boutique, picking out two vibrators – one shaped like a lipstick, the other as a makeup brush. Before exiting, she signed the guest book, “Dear Henri Bendel, thanks for the [sex toy]! XOXO.”

Kelly Osbourne Thanks Elton & Robbie For Cleaning Up

Kelly Osbourne left a message to The Sunday Mirror. The spawn of Ozzy writes, “I know it’s the question you all want to ask: Is Kelly really OK now? The answer is: Yes! I’ve got my folks and my pals Robbie Williams and Elton John to thank. There’s no doubt last year was hellish for me before I checked into rehab. I would wake up in the morning covered in bruises. I was drinking so much I had no fu**ing idea how I’d got them. It was scary coming to the realization I could have killed myself. But I got myself help and started writing my album.”

Kelly Osbourne In Bid To Become The Next Kylie Minogue

Kelly Osbourne tells Metro she’s been studying the videos from Kylie Minogue in a bid to become the next Kylie. “I have learned loads by watching old videos of Kylie and sex does in fact sell,” she said. “So I’ll be doing plenty of that.”

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3 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Picks Up Vibrators With Benji Madden

  1. Special says:

    hahaha.this ***** never happened!!this is soooo not true.come on ,Kelly is so stupid and she looks like *****.Benji is too good for her,so he couldn’t be so desperate to date that *****.she was probably there with someone else buying vibrators because she knows that no guy will be so *****ing crazy to ***** her .she’s disgusting!!

  2. BenjisRiotGurl69 says:

    hahah it was benjis brother Josh

  3. Special says:

    if it was josh,then why is the title of the article: “Kelly Osbourne Picks Up Vibrators With Benji Madden”.with BENJI MADDEN!!but of course this is not true so it doesn’t matter anyway..

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