Kelly Osbourne Secretly Boozing

The Sun caught swigging straight from a champagne bottle as she partied at London’s K West hotel after the NME Awards. Her mother Sharon had hired a bodyguard to make sure she’d not be tempted to drink, but Kelly made her move when he turned his back.

Hollywood Phases

The Mirror spoke with Kelly Osbourne after Mischa Barton complained that “silly bitch” Paris Hilton “steals boyfriends.” Kelly said, “Everyone goes through phases, one day you’re best friends, the next day you hate each other. Hollywood turns you into a bitch.”

Kelly Osbourne In Rehab Again?

A source tells Us Weekly that Kelly Osbourne is again in rehab for drug and alcohol dependency. “Her mom staged an intervention”, the source revealed. But her rep denied the claim, insisting, “Kelly is not in rehab.”

Mariah Won’t Let Kelly Osbourne Cover ‘ Lover’

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Kelly Osbourne was to cover Mariah Carey’s #1 hit ‘ Lover’… until Kelly dissed Mariah’s voice. “I stand by what I say, but if she wants to block my recording she loses out on lots of money,” Osbourne said.

Kelly Osbourne At Club LAX

Kelly Osbourne was videotaped outside club LAX in Hollywood, California on Wednesday night (January 18), sporting blond hair with a big red bow. The struggling singer was joined by a guy with a bright pink mohawk.

Video of Kelly hanging around outside the club, until her car arrived, at has since been removed.

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