Kelly Osbourne Serves Honey For Kylie, Lemon For Christina

The Sun spoke with Kelly Osbourne where the subject of her intense rivalry with Christina Aguilera was brought up. “I don’t even like talking about that woman,” the 20-year-old singer said. “I don’t go to kind of places that people like her hang out so I never see her. We’ve got different lifestyles. Where is she anyway? It’s like she’s disappeared!”

But she wasn’t limited to put downs, crediting musical influences which have shaped her new album. “When I was a kid, all I listened to was Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Blondie and Human League,” she said. “And I loved Kylie Minogue. I feel so much for her at the moment. As my mum knows, there’s nothing worse than finding out you’ve got cancer. But I think the word cancer is a lot scarier than it actually is. It’s a tough battle but Kylie’s a strong little woman. She looks like she could kick my ass so I reckon she’ll fight through it.”

The story at has since been removed.

Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Drug Struggle

Afton Bladet TV profiled Kelly Osbourne, and her contention that she’s still a “little girl” and hasn’t grown up. As for her drug problem, she said, “I was waiting to get saved or die,” and credited the paparazzi who snapped her buying drugs as being the person who “saved my life.”

Kelly Osbourne Visits Radio 1

Kelly Osbourne was Jo Whiley’s guest on Radio 1 Wednesday, where she talked about seeing ‘House Of Wax’, not associating with “fake” people like Paris Hilton, her friendship with Morrissey, how she feels pop music sucks right now and nothing is original, going to rehab for opiate addiction, dealing with fame, dealing with people to put her down, getting in bar fights, and more. Audio and a picture have since been removed from

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