Kelly Osbourne Splits Up With Rob Aston

Kelly Osbourne has opened up to Kerrang! magazine about her recent break-up with The Transplants singer Rob Aston. “Nothing bad happened,” she says. “The problem was that we were such good friends and then we tried to date. But we learned that it’s best that we stay just good friends.”

Meanwhile, Kelly revealed she recently met up with with ex-boyfriend Bert McCracken of The Used at the Viper Room in Los Angeles. “He came up to us, called my friend a fag and started trying to kiss him,” she sighs. “He was so drunk – he’s always so drunk – then he told me that he still loved me and tried to kiss my friend again,” Kelly explained. “So my friend bitch-slapped him! The security guards broke it up, which was a good thing because Bert can’t fight to save his life!”

Kelly Osbourne Eyes The Darkness Singer

The Mirror reports Kelly Osbourne has The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins as the lastest rock singer in her sights. “Justin is sooo sexy,” she cooed. “His clothes, his moves, everything.” Unfortunately for Kelly, Justin is already dating someone.

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