Kelly Rowland Thanks Lance Bass

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In the liner notes of Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland’s new solo album ‘Simply Deep’ in stores now, she thanks *NSYNC member and his assistant Beth. Lance thanked her in his liner notes for ‘Celebrity’. Rumors flew around last year about the two being a couple.

*NSYNC Star Spotted At Georgetown Ralph Lauren

October 16, 2002 – An e-mailer tells Lloyd Grove of The Washington Post: “I was suit shopping with my brother on Monday and I am almost 100 percent certain I saw shopping in the Georgetown Ralph Lauren store. He was with two male friends, looking sort of haggard and well, just plain frat-boy gross in grimy, dirtyish jeans and an old T-shirt. The usually snobby Polo people didn’t notice, or at least kept their noses held high in spite of the celebrity presence. . . . I swear, it had to be him. It was him, I know it was him.”

In London Photos Auctioned

October 14, 2002 – A fan who took a pair of *NSYNC star Lance Bass in London on Saturday (October 12) is selling the shots on Yahoo. Lance made an appearance at the hotel bandmate Justin Timberlake was staying at before they headed out to a party.

Lance Bass Gets The Madame Tussaud Treatment

October 12, 2002 – has added a couple pictures of an artist creating the wax sculpture of *NSYNC star Lance Bass for Madame Tussaud’s is New York City. Some fans are complaining about his nose and funky receding hairline.

Lance Bass Attends ‘Chicago’ Premiere In Moscow

October 5, 2002 – *NSYNC star Lance Bass was spotted arriving for the Russian opening of the musical ‘Chicago’ at the Moscow State Estrada Theater on Friday (October 4). In the background is Christ the Savior Cathedral.

Bass Likely Done With Space Training In A Few Days

September 30, 2002 – RIA Novosti reports *NSYNC star Lance Bass has been at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center at Star City for a week now, but space specialists doubt he’s going to stay more than a week longer. “It is not known whether Bass will stay for more than a week at Star City, because the stay at the Yuri Gagarin Center that he’s paid for is running out,” according to a source. Bass had hoped to blast off for the International Space Station for a weeklong visit late in October, but instead will be replaced by a cargo container.

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