Ken Barnes On Aguilera Opinion, Boy Band Return

USA Today music writer Ken Barnes took part in an online chat with readers including one that was upset with his assessment of since “she can sing better” than . “All the vocal talent in the world isn’t enough on its own (otherwise I would venerate opera singers)–the songs have to be worthy vehicles, and Christina’s are either debased formula exercises like ‘Dirrty’ or by-the-numbers, dumbed-down show-off ballads like ‘Beautiful’,” he responded. “The only song I’ve ever liked by her was ‘Genie in a Bottle’, although that was kind of a debased formula exercise in itself (but at least a well-made record). She doesn’t win any extra points for charming personality or intelligence, either.” Barnes was also asked about and the by someone who dreaded their returns. “Hate to disappoint you, but it appears to be true,” he said of the boy band comebacks. “My guess is that you won’t be much troubled by the results of their studio adventure; I just can’t see people caring a whole lot at this point.” Check out the entire transcript here.

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