Ken Seeley Of ‘Intervention’ Talks Britney With ‘Showbiz Tonight’

Headline News’ ‘Showbiz Tonight’ had ‘The View’ host Barbara Walters and Ken Seeley, interventionist from A&E’s show ‘Intervention’ on to discuss latest visit to rehab and the fallout of her behavior in the past week. Check out a trancript to the segment, aired Friday (February 23), below the fold.

HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment
news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Man, what a whirlwind week it has been for Britney Spears. She is reportedly
back in rehab tonight. This is the third time in less than a week. And
in between checking in and out of rehabs, she has still managed to find
a little to shave her head, get a couple of tattoos in the process.

The whole thing certainly has been a media spectacle. And that`s something
I asked Barbara Walters about today. Take a look.


WALTERS: Look, I`m part of the media. So, you know, I can`t really complain
about the media.

What I do complain about is the fact that if this woman tries to get
help, the fact that there are paparazzi in helicopters leaning out of the
door trying to take pictures of her while she`s trying to get some health
back, to get some perspective back. Give the girl a chance.



HAMMER: And there`s a distinction between the paparazzi and the people
trying to gather the news. But give her a break.

Barbara also told me that she spoke with Britney`s manager, and he said
that Britney`s two children are in good hands and Britney has lots of support
from her friends and family.

ANDERSON: So now that Britney is in rehab for a third time, will it
stick and what kind of pressures is she going to face because – well, because
she`s Britney Spears?

With us here in Hollywood, Ken Seeley, interventionist from A&E`s
show “Intervention,” and founder of

Thanks for being with us, Ken:


ANDERSON: All right, Ken, you have said, is on a path
to destruction. What do you mean by that?

SEELEY: You know, all of her behavior that she`s – and – that she`s
behaving and showing and in this news and everywhere you look is all destructive

You know, she`s on a spiral down that`s – that the bottom`s going to
be death. And we`re so fortunate that I think some professionals are stepping
in and helping the family put together some healthy boundaries to raise
that bottom so she doesn`t have to die from this.

ANDERSON: Yes, hopefully, she is now on the right track.

But I want to ask you – you know, she`s not the first person to apparently
be freaked out about going into rehab. You know, going in, then out; in,
then out.

From your experience as an interventionist, Ken, what is often going
through someone`s head when that is happening, that indecisiveness?

SEELEY: Well, I think what`s going on with Britney right now is that
I don`t know if she`s really going in for herself, or if she`s kind of
getting asked to go to treatment from her family. And if she`s being asked
in a loving manner like it seems like she is, I think what`s happening
is she`s like, `Oh no, I can do it my way.` And then she realizes, no,
she can`t do it her way; she needs to do it this way.

And so she`s going back and forth and back and forth. But the biggest
thing I could suggest for her is to surrender. Surrender to whatever the
medical professionals say, and get the treatment that`s necessary to stop
this behavior and stop her addiction.

ANDERSON: I want to talk about the challenge that Britney`s facing.

Because she is such a huge star and has been surrounded, Ken, basically
by yes men and women who do whatever she wants them to do, does that make
rehab even harder for her? Because now she`s with people who basically
aren`t going to take her bull.

SEELEY: Yes, it – you`re right, it will – it will be a lot harder for
her. Because she – if anybody says not her, she takes them off the payroll;
she stops hanging out with them. And then they loose that status of hanging
out with Britney Spears.

So it is going to be difficult for her to really get it. The one that
really holds the key here, that I could see, is mom. Mom holds the key.
And, of course, her ex-husband, that has the privilege of being able to
take away her kids if she doesn`t get this proper help. He has that eight
– he has that availability to him.

So, you know, she does have some consequences that are pretty firm and
aggressive that she will feel this pain. And, you know, that`s what it`s
going to take for any addict to stop using and stop their behavior.

ANDERSON: Speaking of the kids, speaking of the consequences, even if
she is successful with this stint in rehab, she`s going to face those same
problems when she gets out: getting a divorce, in a nasty custody battle
with her soon-to-be-ex-husband. She`s got a career that`s been in the toilet,

Is that just a relapse waiting to happen?

SEELEY: You know, if she really takes this seriously and gets the help
that she needs in this recovery process, no, it doesn`t have to be a relapse.
You know, she could really fight for her life. And one – and once an addict
surrenders to their addiction and realizes that it is running their life
and they`re not running their lives, and truly surrenders to it, there`s
no problem. They – she won`t have to relapse. She could live a really successful
and happy life and be such a great role model for all the Americans that
just love her.

ANDERSON: OK, Ken. Well, hopefully, you know, as they say, the third
time, maybe it will be the charm.

Ken Seeley, thank you so much for your insight. We appreciate it.

SEELEY: Thank you for having me.

ANDERSON: All right. And you can catch Ken on A&E`s network`s documentary
series “Intervention,” which returns for a third season on March 16.

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