Kerli Discusses Her Musical Influences

Kerli talks about her musical influences, which included Lauryn Hill and BjorkEstonian pop princess Kerli, whose debut album ‘Love is Dead’ is due out this April on Island Def Jam is offering an intimate look into her life with a four-part video interview series. In week one, talked about the music, ranging from Bonnie Tyler to Bjork, that influenced her as a child growing up in Estonia under the Iron Curtain, where popular music wasn’t readily available.

“I don’t really have a singer that I listen to all the time as my influence,” said. “I’ve had a few in my life that I’ve been in love with. Not like in love in love, but musical in love. When I grew up, it was still the Soviet Union until I was 5-years-old, so we lived behind that iron curtain. My parents didn’t listen to any music, so I remember when I was five we had two cassettes. One of them was Phil Collins, and the other one was Bonnie Tyler. So Bonnie Tyler was my favorite, and Phil Collins was my sister’s favorite. So I knew all the Bonnie Tyler songs by heart. I don’t know, maybe the dramatic part comes from there.”

Continuing her response, Kerli said, “When I was fourteen, I was crazy about Lauryn Hill. I listened to her all the time. ‘Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ is probably one of my favorite records of all time, because it’s really, really well done. I remember that I couldn’t find it in Estonia and I couldn’t find it in Germany. I went to Russia and went to the first metro station, and asked if they had the Lauryn Hill album. They said of course. I got the album and said give me something else really good. Give me something that people buy. So he gives me the album, ‘Best Songs of Bjork’ or something. I was like, okay, that looks fine, every CD costs $1. I went home and listened to it, and since then Bjork has been my favorite singer of all time. Just because she’s so unique.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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