Kesha Prefers To Be Liked Or Hated For Her Own Ideas

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Kesha “Ke$ha” Serbert sat down with Entertainment Focus to promote her new single ‘Die Young’ and her forthcoming album ‘Warrior’. Kesha talked about the lead single, the intention she had with the album, why she named the new album ‘Warrior’, being involved with “everything” creatively on the LP, what she wants fans to experience attending her concerts, what she feels about the reception she gets from UK audiences, her stripped down EP ‘Deconstructed’, and more.

“Die young is my philosophy in life,” Kesha said of the album’s lead single. “It’s to live everyday to the fullest, and never take anything for granted, and to remain young and immature at heart always.”

As for that track being a party song and if that was her intention, Kesha responded, “I mean it’s my intention in general with everything. I think I’ve been coined the party girl, which is appropriate, because I’m really good at that, but with this record I wanted the essence of the record to be just magical. I wanted it to be about all the magical parts of life. There are the let’s get wasted and dance all night until the sun comes up songs, and there’s songs also about ghosts, past lives, and all sorts of more hippie supernatural sh**. I want to write about getting fu**ed up, but also other stuff.”

On her creative involvement with ‘Warrior’, Kesha said her input was on “everything” with the album. “That’s the thing. There’s people who like me, and they like me for all of my weird ideas, and if they hate me, it’s for all of my weird ideas. It’s not contrived by somebody else, which I would prefer it that way. People like me for me, or they hate me for me and not for anyone else’s ideas. I always wanted to before the record was even close to done, I wanted this record to be called ‘Warrior’. I wanted to look like this intergalactic hippie, cult leading warrior goddess, and I was hoping that’s what the cover looks like.”

As for what she wants fans to experience from her live shows, Kesha said, “I want it to be the best night of your life. I just want to help orchestrate that. When I was younger, I would have certain bands that I knew they were coming through town, so I’d mark it off on my calendar. I would get my outfit ready. I would get my friends together. I would get the booze and put it in the water bottle and hide it in my purse, and just be ready to have a balls out best night ever, and I want my show to be that for lots of people.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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