Kevin Federline & Britney Spears: The Ideal Family

Contributed Anonymously:

I remember seeing a picture of Kori, Kevin Federline, and together, and I thought it was just the cutest picture in the world! Don’t most of you agree? I think they look just soo adorable together, from the looks of it you can tell that they will become the ideal family that everyone wants to be a part of.

I can already imagine Britney, Kevin, and Shar coming together and proposing an idea for a family sitcom so Britney and Kevin can show what a celebrity family is all about! It can show the daily life of Kevin and Britney as a couple, and show how Britney is a good mother with Kori, as well as getting into both of their family’s lives a little when going to visit mom or eating a nice southern dinner with the Spears or Federline family or something. I bet it would be a hit!

I think this would be a great career move for Britney to show that she’s not only a performer and entertainer, but also a great step mom. And then later on if it’s a hit, Britney can get pregnant and dedicate a whole season on her pregnancy (OMG! THAT WOULD BE SOOO FREAKIN COOL!), with Shar and her kids and the rest of the Brady Bunch Clan, showing the world the ideal family. Wouldn’t that be sooo cute? I know this might sound corny, but pictures like the one with Kori, Britney, and Kevin are like crystal balls that tell the future of what somebody’s family will be for years to come.

By the looks of it, their future seems like it will be full of fun and laughter and always a happy ending, just like the picture appeared to be. They are truly the ideal family, and if they have a sitcom later on (I hope) Britney will be taken more seriously as an artist if she uses Shar’s kids and her own future children to show that she can be a soccer mom behind stage. And a good one too.

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