Kevin Federline’s Aunt Insists Britney Spears Is No Homewrecker

Kevin Federline’s aunt Diane Story is defending from charges that she’s a homewrecker after she began dating Kevin, who was living with his 7-months pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson. “Their romantic relationship had been over before Britney,” Story tells Us Weekly. “But he is giving her money and taking care of his responsibilities.” Meanwhile, though Federline has kept Spears from partying too hard, he hasn’t been able to tame her appetite for junk food. “Britney’s put on a lot of weight, but doesn’t care,” a source revealed. “She’s hating every minute of the tour. All she does when she’s not onstage is sit in her room, eat, drink, and watch TV.” Britney’s rep responded sarcastically, “If only I could be as fat as she is.”

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