Kevin Jonas Loves Lil Wayne & Wii

Kevin Jonas of the was on the phone with the Ben Davis & Kelly K. Show about his respect for fellow young artists, his brother Frankie being part of their television show and wanting to launch a hip hop career, their mutual love for Lil Wayne and meeting the rapper at the VMAs, staying in shape on the road thanks to the Wii Fit, and cleared up the rumor that the band doesn’t have Halo accounts. The DJs suggested the guys parody the Wii hula hoop girl with their next YouTube video, with Joe in his underwear, and Kevin thought it was a great idea. Listen to the 3-part interview below.

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One thought on “Kevin Jonas Loves Lil Wayne & Wii

  1. Whitley says:

    I love you guys! I hope that you agree to send back ..
    I really hope so .. =]
    ps: if my English is not good, I come from Belgium and I use translation sites = P

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