Kevin Jonas Supports Vanessa Hudgens In Naked Pic Scandal

Toby Knapp of Hot 99.5 FM in Washington TC talked to Kevin Jonas of the about their new perfume and underwear line, his thoughts on ‘High School Musical 2′ star Vanessa Hudgens’ naked picture scandal, and who gets more booty. “You know what, Vanessa and Zac [Efron] are amazing friends of ours,” Kevin said. “We’re supporters of them and we are here for them. We’re just here for them and praying for them and hopefully everything will come out okay.” Asked if he thought the images were much ado about nothing, Kevin responded, “I was thinking about it, like how many other couples send each other photos or whatever like that. But then this one person that’s in the media sends a picture and it becomes this… Think about how hard it is already, to keep pounding it into everyone over and over again. Really, we just want, hopefully she knows that she’s in our prays, and Zac’s in our prayers and that the Jonas Brothers are on their side.”

The interview audio at has since been removed.

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7 thoughts on “Kevin Jonas Supports Vanessa Hudgens In Naked Pic Scandal

  1. holly says:

    Kevin you are disgusting

  2. Vanessa Jonas says:

    Thanks Kevin.. He’s the best brother in like the whole wide world.. I love my whole you too..!!=P

  3. katie says:

    What are you thinking Vanessa. You are stupid. Joe and Nick are way hotter then that greasy slime ball. Vanessa you are a *** hole

  4. Whitley says:

    People? Why you say these things about Vanessa?
    She is not a bad girl, because such a death sends photos to her love?
    Think how many couples still do.
    It is simply because VIP said ‘you guys are thinking about is bad!
    B y e!

  5. Cara says:

    Ok…Kevin, Joe, and Nick are amazing guys, I know them personally. All you pervs are DISGUSTING for wanting to see them naked. They’re great guys and I love them! STOP LOOKING FOR THEIR NAKED PICTURES…YOU’RE A PERV!

  6. vennesa loveinton says:


  7. Jim Skoldon says:

    Are you serious? there in his prayers he says haha wow now that’s funny. See most people say that about some one when the person is very ill or if some one dies …not because some chick likes taking nudes .. tells ya how celebrities are ..nice one Jonas ….

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