Kevin Richardson Gets Dazzled By ‘Chicago’ Babes

Contributed by elgato:

Angela from the BackstreetNews Yahoo group saw an ad featuring star in the San Jose Mercury News. Kevin will be performing ‘Chicago’ in San Francisco through August 24th at Golden Gate Theatre. Her scan of the ad has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Kevin Richardson Gets Dazzled By ‘Chicago’ Babes

  1. Stallion says:

    I feel for the people that have to see Kevin in that play.

  2. elgato says:

    they’ll be seeing a Tony winner, unlike the sad people who go to see the loser Joey Fatone in ‘little red riding hood’ stalliwhore’s a slut. she claims to hate BSB, yet she’s up at 1 AM every night trying to be the first one to read all new stories about them and to be the first one to comment. so sick

  3. Stallion says:

    This is something that the teenybopper will enjoy watching I just feel sorry for the parents that have to sit there and watch Kevin because of there 14 year old daughter. Pretty sad how most of the Backstreet Boys fans are only 14 year old girls.

  4. Stallion says:

    Gato is just bitter because the Backstreet Boys are nothing more than a group of losers that are never going to win a Grammy. Britney Spears is going to get more Grammy than the Backstreet Boys and that is really sad.

  5. scooby04 says:

    ok the fat horse in here needs to realize that BSB has more Grammy nods then n suck ever will have. and BSB has more going for them then n suck. at least in BSB all the guys sing lead. and most of the time the singles have them all on it. I want it that way show me the meaning. in almost every song there is at least 3 different singers in a 5 person band. but unlike n suck there is like 1 or 2 that switch off every song. I’m sorry but that’s not a group. that’s why they don’t have as much respect as BSB as a group. but BSB is a group not a 2 person switch off. the reason Justin sold as a solo so much is because the world is used to just one person singing. Nick got the respect from the famous people. and one more thing… BSB didn’t get famous because the main person dated the pop slut. the got famous because of the talent. now the horse is gonna say stuff bout me and try to make me look stupid but that’s the truth. so please don’t stay up all nite responding. no one cares. go respond to an n suck thread.

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