Kevin Richardson In The New Kevin Costner Movie?

Contributed by elgato:

Several fans on the West Coast heard Rick Dees of 102.7 KIIS-FM tell his listeners that of the is in the new Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall Country Western movie ‘Open Range.’ According to Rick, Kevin R. plays one of the bad guys that gets shot in the head at point-blank range by Kevin Costner’s character. Many fans are skeptical of this for two reasons: 1) BSB fans are like the CIA and if Kevin was in a movie, we’d know before it even began shooting and 2) fans have watched the trailer for the movie and pinpointed the exact guy that is supposed to be Kevin R. It does look like him but it’s hard to tell. The movie comes out later this year. So is it Kevin? Judge for yourself by watching the ‘Open Range’ trailer. The guy in question appears in front of the jailbars (1 minute, 6 seconds into the trailer) and outside in a gun battle (1 minute, 58 seconds into the trailer).

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2 thoughts on “Kevin Richardson In The New Kevin Costner Movie?

  1. WhateverBiatch says:

    Damn…that’s cool … I hope it is Kevin …he would be a great actor … and to all the haters ******* … Have a nice day

  2. BiancaBR says:

    On the first 1:04 minutes its not Kevin…but on the 1:58 is definitely Kevin….If its Not,he really sounds and Look Like Kevin….if you listen to the All I Have To give Conversation Mix,you will listen to Kevin saying “That’s right” LMAO this guy in the movie sounds exactly like Kevin,anyway,it would be great if it was him.

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