Kevin Richardson Opens Up About Nick Carter’s Solo Move

Kevin Richardson spoke candidly with Access Hollywood about the rift that the Backstreet Boys endured when bandmate Nick Carter delayed their album plans by launching his debut solo album ‘Now or Never’. “We had a meeting and set up a schedule. And then we had another meeting and he kind of sprung it on us and we were surprised,” Kevin said. Did it get back enough for the other four to continue on without Carter? “Initially, there were some feelings of that but time heals things,” Kevin said. “It’s either the five of us or it’s none of us.” Video has since been removed.

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One thought on “Kevin Richardson Opens Up About Nick Carter’s Solo Move

  1. anonymus says:

    Well it does not seem fair that angry with Nick. Happens, the only ones who can do what they feel like they are and Nick have to sit and wait, not Kevin and Brian were married, they made a break for the problems of AJ? And then heck you are claiming to Nick!. That is selfishness.

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