Kevin Richardson Says New Backstreet Album Will Come Out Next Year

Contributed by elgato:

Kev’s Speedo from the forum at saw Kevin in Pittsburgh this past weekend for ‘Chicago.’ Of his performance she says, “He was fabulous again, as always… It was so funny, all these old women were drooling over him during the intermission, LMAO… I heard a lot of the older folks talking about how impressive he was. I just get prouder and prouder of him. He never stops amazing me.” After the show, she met him on his way out of the stage door. She says, “While he was signing my picture, I complimented him on being the best Billy Flynn ever. He laughed and said he wasn’t sure if that was true. He’s so modest. I told him I thought he was and he thanked me. I asked him if he was still planning on a solo album, and he said that it’s not out of the question. He just has to see what’s going to be happening with him in the near future first. He also said that there would be a BSB album next year… This next part just floors me. Right after we took the pic, I kind of squeezed his side. He turned himself around so he could give me a real hug. How sweet is that!… So Kev the man comes through for me again. All I have to say is you LA and London people have no idea what’s in store for you.”

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