Kevin Richardson Spotted In San Fran Hot Spots

The San Franscisco Chronicle reports star Kevin Richardson, who is in town appearing in ‘Chicago,’ was spotted at the Clift Hotel’s Redwood Room Thursday night. Kevin was surrounded by gaga fans, according to a spy, and had such a good time that he stayed until closing time. On Sunday, Richardson and the ‘Chicago’ cast went to Asia SF, where the “girls” performed a ‘Cell Block Tango’ to honor their guests.

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4 thoughts on “Kevin Richardson Spotted In San Fran Hot Spots

  1. scooby04 says:

    There’s nothin wrong with that. I’m glad he is having fun. he deserves it. people leave him alone.

  2. nick_carters_girl says:

    as long as Kevin’s happy, I’m happy.. the way BSB fans ARE still waiting on that BSB album..could you hurry up a bit?..please? yeah..we love u! KTBSPA

  3. mharinck says:

    Yeah…..right!!!!! ……let’s see about that!

  4. mharinck says:

    Hey, stalliwHoRe……what happened 2 ‘I’m a new man n I’m no longer going to be the first to bash Backstreet Boys anymore.’ “But I promise the other N’sync fans that I will not be the first to bash the Backstreet Boys so this will be the last time I do it.” Yeah, right…..gIvE mE a BrEaK!!!!!!! ……let’s see about that n besides you already done it once n how you know that you’ll not gonna do it again!

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