Kevin Richardson Wows Fans During ‘Chicago’ Performance

Contributed by elgato:

Two fans from the Mature Fan Club, Alice and Pam, attended the Pittsburgh performances of ‘Chicago,’ supporting . Alice reviewed the show saying, “Kevin looked very comfortable as Billy Flynn. One would never know he hadn’t played this role since March. It’s as though he’s been at it for a very long time. He did not look nervous either… the role is perfect for him… and in all fairness to ALL the actors who’ve played Billy Flynn…the role is NOT a stretch either. However, it takes a gifted actor to make it more than it’s written to be. Kevin has a gift and he looks very comfortable on stage and it’s a good direction for him. I’d like to see AJ doing Phantom and hope their new mangement takes him in that direction as well. All the actors were terrific and am looking forward to seeing the movie. OF COURSE, guess who got the loudest applause.” Pam also weighed in, saying “We got to meet Kevin after the show, got an autograph and my picture taken with him. I’ve never met any of the BSB before and Kevin’s my favorite so it was especially wonderful. OMG, the show was fabulous, Kevin was fabulous. I liked it so much that as soon as I got home I bought another ticket for myself for tomorrow’s performance at 1pm. Can’t really afford to do that but when am I going to get another opportunity like this?”

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