Kevin Talks Backstreet, Richard Gere, ‘Chicago’ In Interview

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Mark Pitta, a reporter for KTVU in California, was able to do a sit-down interview with on the set of ‘Chicago.’ Pitta asked Kevin how being in the contrasts doing theatre. Kevin said he’s glad that the group became so huge that they are enabled to do solo things like this, and all the guys in the group are benefiting. Pitta then asked if they’d ever drop the ‘Boys’ out of Backstreet Boys. Kevin said the Beastie Boys, Pet Shop Boys, and Beach Boys haven’t done so after all these years and neither will the Backstreet Boys. He then discusses how ‘Chicago’ the movie came out right when he was rehearsing for the Broadway musical. He says he found it interesting how he and Richard Gere approached various aspects of the character Billy Flynn in contrasting ways. Kevin did say however that his take on Flynn wasn’t really influenced that much by Gere’s, because he didn’t want to borrow or steal anything from him. He wanted to make the role his own. Kevin then told Pitta his daily routine. He works out at the gym, performs his role Billy Flynn at the San Francisco Golden Gate Theatre, and then writes/produces music for some of the artists he knows in California. Kevin’ll be in San Francisco for three weeks and then heads to London to do the same thing there. has since removed the video.

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7 thoughts on “Kevin Talks Backstreet, Richard Gere, ‘Chicago’ In Interview

  1. HoneyRain says:

    I like that Kevin wanted to make the role his own instead of borrowing from Gere. too many celebrities these days don’t have their own identities.. they’re always copying someone else’s style or idea. I respect that Kevin is professional and talented enough not to do that. it shows that he is serious about every aspect of his career.

  2. Stallion says:

    Kevin don’t ever compare yourself to the Beastie Boys,Pet Shop Boys and the Beach Boys the Backstreet Boys are nothing more than a Boy Band that faded away when the pop trend was over that shouldn’t be mention in the same sentence as these group. The Backstreet Boys are more like New kids on the Block the Spice Girls and Milli Vanilli.

  3. backstreetfan1 says:

    I thought that was a VERY good interview and Kevin looked VERY handsome but at the end of the interview the news people said something about the Backstreet Boys that I found VERY disturbing! they were talking about groups and said that Kev is 31 and then and her reporter said that all of the Backstreet Boys are in their 30! excuse me?? Nick is 23, AJ is 25, Brian is 28 and Howie is 29 turning 30 THIS month! that does make them all 30!!! the Backstreet Boys HAVE been here a long time but that does NOT mean that they are old! no1 says that about nsync! and NSYNC as well have a member in their 30’s! or maybe 2 members I don’t no! but they only say that because BSB have been here longer and BSB are a more serious group unlike nsync! but that does NOT mean that the Backstreet Boys are old! BSB is the best group and I think that there harmonies are Unbelievable! NO ONE could compare to them vocally!

  4. jcsfan88 says:

    “BSB is the best group and I think that there harmonies are Unbelievable!” I think Nsync is the best and their harmonies are unbelievable. “NO ONE could compare to them vocally!” oh yea, well said.

  5. BSBfanatic935 says:

    I get to see Kevin in Chicago in 8 days!!!! and possibly meet him cause he is so appreciative of his fans that he signs every autograph after the show!

  6. BeckyBoo29 says:

    cool have fun, I wish I was going I love plays esp. with Kevin. Hope you meet him, keep those tears and screams back lol. It’s nice he signs autographs, I bet he would with Backstreet if there weren’t so many people at the concerts and stuff.

  7. 1melinda5 says:

    hey becky…how would you know what music “is nick”???? what makes you some kind of authority??? you say “help me” is closest to who Nick really is…don’t you mean more familiar music to which you are accustomed to hearing him sing…just because someone takes their music in different directions, doesn’t mean it is not an expression of themselves…nick is so bogged down by what BSB has done (although great music) Nick has many other facets to HIS music…nick did not set out to make another BSB album…he set out to make an album of HIS OWN!!! if you don’t like his music ..fine..but you must respect his individual creative interests..(ps: I loved the solo album…it was different side of him!!! great!

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