Kevin’s Photos From His Jam’n 94.5 & Star 93.7 Interviews

Contributed by elgato:

On Wednesday ( 3) of the made an in-studio appearance on Boston radio station Star 93.7 for the Ralphie and Karen Morning Show. After that, he headed over to Boston’s hip hop station Jam’n 94.5 and did an 18 minute in-studio interview there.

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5 thoughts on “Kevin’s Photos From His Jam’n 94.5 & Star 93.7 Interviews

  1. popnicklover says:

    Kevin looks HOT!

    I just can’t believe Kevin was in my hometown this week and I didn’t even know about it! :( I’ve gotta start listening to the radio more often!

  2. SunChick says:

    And why are YOU thinking about Stallion, elgato? Damn, you’ve got him on the brain 24/7 now, huh? Tsk tsk, elgato. Why can’t you just be a man and admit that YOU are the one jacking off to Kevin?? Oh you CAN’T be a man…sorry, I forgot who I was talking to for a sec.

  3. elgato says:

    your comment shows that you’re thinking about me, retard. and your biased ass obviously doesn’t want to admit that stalliwhore has 50 comments in every BSB thread I start.

  4. hotstuff says:

    BSB are gonna kick some major ass when they return. its starting already…i just listened to Millennium **sigh** (that CD was hella good) their not even a boyband anymore, each is his own person. no judgement, no comparisons, just BSB!

  5. Stallion says:

    Kevin you’re not black so give it up. Take your untalented us out of there before you are exposed for the FAKE that you’re really are

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