Kicking Britney Spears When She’s Down

Contributed by Anonymous:

I am appalled that so many people are rejoicing and kicking her at a moment when she appears to be down and going through a difficult period in her life. I’m not just defending her because I am a devoted fan I am defending her as a human being. All of the a**holes out here judging her and making light of her situation and calling themselves benefiting off of her misery to get their shows higher ratings ought to be ashamed of themselves. Either we, someone in our family, or our friends have been through similar difficult situations in life before so why judge her in such an unsympathetic hypocritical way. Why would anyone get kicks out of someone else’s misery? If it was us or one of our loved ones it wouldn’t be so funny so why is it funny because it’s happening to her.

This is bigger than being a fan or not being a fan of her as an entertainer this is about the compassion you show a fellow human being in a troubling period in their life. This is when we show our support this is when the real fans and people who really give a damn about her stand up and stand by their icon. This is not the time to grand stand and take unfair shots at her and try to push her further over the edge. Remember she is to us but she is a daughter to her mother and father and a sister to her sisters and brothers and above all she is a human being. So we should really think about our actions and before we judge her.

First of all, none of us have the right to judge her we are all human beings and no human being is perfect. I am hoping for her recovery and I am hoping that she has a huge comeback after she gets it together. I want to see her rise from the ashes like the Phoenix and I know she can for she has defied the odds time and time again and I know in my heart she is going to do it again. I will continue to send my best wishes and hopes to her and her family and I am keeping hope alive that she can beat whatever it is going on with her.

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One thought on “Kicking Britney Spears When She’s Down

  1. carly says:

    there’s a lot of people who have it a lot worse than Britney Spears… she’s a spoiled idiot who deserves no sympathy. If it was an average person, she’d be penniless and in an mental hospital

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