Kid British’s Crib

James Mayer of Kid BritishThe latest video features the Adio showing off band’s crib and Sean in the studio hyping their equipment, before they surprised bandmate Simeon on the toilet. James then showed off what they had in the kitchen.

“Welcome players, this is the kitchen,” James said. “This is where I do all my cooking. I’ll hook you up some real nice food around here. The only things you need in the fridge are some ketchup, some mayonnaise, you know you gotta have that Jif. Anybody like toast? I’m the host that’s gonna cook your toast on the toaster. Anyway this is the kitchen, before you leave, make sure you do my dishes, because they ain’t done and I don’t wanna do them, so you do my dishes.”

Watch the clip, ending with a look at their A-Team tour bus, below.

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One thought on “Kid British’s Crib

  1. thoko says:

    u guys r crazi..but am loving ur kribs!

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