Kimberley Locke Blogs Mid-Flight

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@kimberleylocke) on Sunday (July 20). “I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and having a little fun! As for me I am working a lot but having some fun along the way,” the ‘American Idol’ season two finalist writes. “I am currently sitting on a flight from Minneapolis to LA. So I thought I would write to you all before I take my nap! Why was I in Minneapolis? I did an event for Campheartland / Oneheartland yesterday. I performed with ANT and Abigail Zsiga who were so much fun! ANT kept us laughing the entire weekend and I think Abigail is the sweetest person I’ve ever met! Unfortunately, it rained and not many people showed up but those who were there had a great time! I must say it was fun for me to see everyone enjoying the show in spite of the weather. I had a blast! Not to mention I love the charity.”

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