Kimberley Locke Oversleeps And Misses Marathon Run

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@kimberleylocke) tonight, discussing a half marathon she planned to run in San Francisco. “I am sure you are wondering about my marathon in SF,” the ‘American Idol’ season two finalist writes. “I am so embarrassed to say… I OVER SLEPT! Can you believe this? I can’t. I finally got over it and chalked it up as it just wasn’t meant to be. As most of you know I had a show that night at the Performing Arts Center that was so much fun and successful. So maybe that was God’s way of telling me I was trying to do too much. I actually ran my own half marathon yesterday. I was really cranky and tired afterwards. I felt like my body was going to fall apart. Remind me why I am doing this, again?”

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