Kimberley Locke Still Pals With Ruben Studdard, But Not Clay Aiken

answered a few fan questions on her blog at MySpace (@kimberleylocke) on Sunday (December 7). The singer was asked by one if she kept in regular touch with any other contestants from her season of ‘American Idol’, or if she’s become close with any other season’s ‘Idol’ alums. “Unfortunately, no I don’t,” the season two finalist said. “In the beginning I did. Now I only really talk to Ruben and sometime we go a month or so without touching base. He did a concert with me at my Charity event for Camp Heartland, it was a BLAST!”

It’s notable that Locke did not mention her former roommate, Clay Aiken, who she had a falling out with in 2007 after Aiken took offense to Locke discussing a tour that would have brought Locke, Aiken and Studdard together. “I told Billboard I was ‘hopeful’ that the tour would come together,” Locke said in a MySpace blog. “(That didn’t get printed.) In no way did I imply that we were all committed to this tour idea. So contrary to Clay feeling ‘unfortunate’, that the story ‘found it’s way to the press unauthorized’, it was not ‘unauthorized’. It was put out there my me, who conceived the touring idea and called my friends for their involvement. If Clay had chosen to return my phone calls over the last two months, he would perhaps not feel as ‘unfortunate’, and he would have been made aware that I mentioned it to Billboard.”

Just last month, Locke talked about the fallout of the 2007 incident, telling correspondent Laura Saltman at a rehearsal for the 2008 ‘American Idol Holiday Tour’: “Clay and I aren’t really friends anymore. We lived together, but some things transpired and, you know, we’re just — I don’t really talk to Clay anymore. It’s hard to live with someone. Roommates, boyfriends, girlfriends.”

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18 thoughts on “Kimberley Locke Still Pals With Ruben Studdard, But Not Clay Aiken

  1. anon says:

    Who is Kimberly Locke?

  2. Justin says:

    Whosit must be desperate for press if all she’s got is this.

  3. a nony mouse says:

    Bitterness looks really ugly on you, Kim.

    You have no career because your voice is a dime-a-dozen disaster and your arrogant attitude of superiority is completely misplaced and undeserved.

    Maybe law school wasn’t such a bad idea. By now, you’d have graduated and have a job at a second-rate law firm. The upside, though, is that no one thinks twice about an arrogant lawyer.

  4. Scott says:

    Clay’s fans have had an ax to grind with Kimberley for years so I’m not surprised they’d place all the blame on her. So predictable.

  5. NotaKimfan says:

    I’m so very grateful that Clay nixed Kim’s idea of a tour. The only way she can get any publicity is to rehash this stupid story. Kim, give up, get a real job, I think WalMart is hiring greeters.

  6. LeslieG says:

    Kim didn’t rehash the story, she just said she and Clay don’t talk anymore. She proved herself to be a loyal friend by keeping Clay’s secret all these years…give her some credit.

  7. andie says:

    Kim spoke to Billboard about a tour that was never confirmed nor was it in the works. She misspoke and she is totally responsible for that misunderstanding. Sadly, she has had a little resentment toward Clay for years because of all of his success.

    As for keeping his secret, it wasn’t her business to share that private and personal information. In fact, it isn’t anyone’s business but Clay’s and good for her for knowing that.

  8. Kel says:

    Credit given for keeping his secret. If Kimberley truly did say that they were contemplating a tour and it wasn’t published that way I wonder why she never mentioned it again until when Clay was asked and he said there were no plans for a tour. Then Kim got upset. I notice in this last blast from Kimberley she is intimating that Clay was a slob, was that necessary if she truly wanted to keep things cool? I don’t think I have ever heard Clay say one single thing wrong about Kimberley other than they were friends. First it is published that she said they were working on a tour, now she says basically he was a slob and didn’t respect her space. Doesn’t sound like Kimberley is playing nice. I give Clay credit for not uttering one word negatively about Kim even though she has blasted him now a few times. I say he is the one with moral and class…

  9. 9th World Wonder says:

    I’m sure Kim got tired of questions about Clay five years ago. I used to feel sorry for her when every interviewer asked about her roommate rather than just her music career. But she lost me when she announced a tour to Billboard without knowing for sure that Ruben and Clay were both on board. Blaming Billboard and Clay instead of taking responsibility for her own words didn’t cut it for me.

  10. kenobi says:

    Actually, Scott, the vast majority of Clay’s fans have always liked Kim. Most thought she should have been in the Final 2 w/him on AI2 instead of Ruben. It was only when she showed her true colors during this incident that many turned on her. She publicized a potential Clay/Ruben/Kim tour before anyone had agreed to it. Clay’s fans expressed disappointment over it & Clay blogged that it was not going to happen, he would be touring solo. Kim threw a hissy fit because she knew her only chance to have a viable tour was riding Clay’s coattails, as she has often tried to do. Even the other gals on AI2 have said that Kim glommed onto Clay because of his popularity. So now she is telling everyone that she refuses to speak to Clay. Clay has never said one word publicly against her. Ever. In fact, he spent 2 tours of his own promoting her first album, without ever once mentioning his own CD which was out at the time. Yes, she kept a confidence, but so did everyone else who knew Clay. It was common decency & not some big favor she did him. What kind of dispicable person would have outed him against his will, anyway, besides the slugs like Perez who do it for a living?

  11. Bette Lewis says:

    I believe that there is more to the dispute and Clay is classy enough not to keep bringing it up. Now Kim has made it worse by implying there was something wrong when they roomed together. That shows little or no class. She doesn’t have to like Clay, but she should keep her mouth shut and don’t try to start rumors.

  12. Tyi says:

    I am so sick of Kimberley. She is so tacky. She’s jealous of Clay because of his success, while hers never got of the ground. And now she’s dating a married man. Way to go Kim.

  13. April says:

    The BIG question how do we know for sure she kept his secret? She was sleeping with the son of the producer of AI2 during Idol.

  14. psf says:

    Interesting that Clay has suffered more slings & arrows from blowhards trying to get publicity using his name than just about anyone in showbiz. Please name me ONE person whom Clay has dissed publicly. There is no one. However, Kim is very vocal whenever she can’t get along with someone. Now tell me, who has more class? Private disagreements between celebs should be kept private for dignity’s sake. The only one who looks bad is the one doing the whining.

  15. crysma says:

    I don’t hate Kim at all. Actually, I will continue to be a fan of hers as long as she doesn’t bring up any disputes with Clay again. But I was disappointed in what she said about Clay here. Whatever arguments they had, she could have been polite in public. I know he was. I bet neither of them are “perfect” in real life. Maybe I would hate being roommates with both of them. That doesn’t mean I’d diss them to the world.

  16. Jerry says:

    Just for the record? Clay isn’t perfect himself, so let’s get that fact across, too. For instance, I noticed ‘psf’ said this above: “Please name me ONE person whom Clay has dissed publicly.” Well, some time after this story was posted, he dissed Adam Lambert from this year’s American Idol competition. He did apologize later, but talk about letting jealousy fly. Ha. Not thinking before speaking, were we Clay?

  17. Benjy says:

    I know this is WAAAAY after the fact, but I couldn’t let Jerry’s comment stand without clarification. Here is actually what happened a la Lambert: During Season 8 of Idol, many fans of Clay’s were asking him at his fanclub site what he thought of the contestants, Lambert in particular. Clay did not answer until after the season was over, as he said he didn’t really watch any but a tiny portion of one episode & didn’t want to influence his fans with his opinion. After the season was over, he wrote a blog on his private site about what little he saw, what was occurring in the media re the contestants & his opinions about it. 95% of the blog was about the show itself, how it had kind of become a parody(my word) of itself & was this big, overproduced thing now. Also about how obvious it was in the media as to how the producers were trying to influence the voting. (IMO, the Idol PR team getting Lambert a magazine cover DURING the competition was FAR over the top.) And how you didn’t even have to watch the show to know who “the chosen one” was. He felt the reason Kris Allen won was a backlash from the viewers who resented the judges, etc, telling them who to vote for & that Kris was more of a kid-next-door type who appealed to the mainstream audience. Very valid points & probably very true. He also said he didn’t at all like Lambert’s version of “Ring Of Fire” (as most didn’t, even the judges), but his friends had assured him that Lambert was very talented. Just not his cup of tea. A Lambert fan who wanted to cause trouble sent the blog to all the internet gossip sites (& proudly crowed about it) which led Clay to write an apology the next day. He had every right to his opinion & shouldn’t have had to apologize for it. He’d written it to his fans on a private website.

    However, Lambert chose to continually badmouth Clay from that moment on in numerous radio interviews & is still doing it even just recently on national TV. And he gets away with it, because hey, it’s cool to diss Clay Aiken… & Lambert cares about nothing more than he cares about looking cool. Truth from someone who knew him in the L.A. scene back when. Basic fact is, Clay answered fan questions about what he thought of Lambert’s singing on his private fan site. Lambert, OTOH, bashes Clay personally every time his name comes up in an interview. Not very classy or cool at all.

  18. Ora Owen says:

    When you are a star everybody wants to put you down they just can’t stand it. Putting others down is a strategy for benefiting oneself. Most people can see that. How sad.

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