Kina Grannis Covers ‘Crawl’ By Chris Brown

Kina Grannis covers Chris BrownKina Grannis’ latest YouTube acoustic performance is a cover of Chris Brown’s new single ‘Crawl’. Kina apologized for not having a video up last week due to being sick and she previewed her show last night at the Troubadour.

“Sorry that I didn’t get a video up last week. I got sick and my voice was gross and I was freaking out because I had my big show this week, so I couldn’t really sing,” Kina explained. “I couldn’t really do much of anything, but I think I’m almost better. My voice is 75% right now. Hopefully it will be 100% by Wednesday. So yeah, Wednesday is at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. It’s an all-ages show. I’m super excited. I’m playing with my band and they’re amazing and we’ve been practicing a lot. It’s gonna be really fun.”

Watch it below.

Grannis Sisters Perform ‘White Christmas’

December 24, 2009 – Kina Grannis’ latest YouTube performance is a cover of the Big Crosby holiday classic ‘White Christmas’, featuring her sisters Misa and Emi. Afterwards, she reminded viewers about her ‘Stairwells’ album and the Troubadour gig on January 13th. Watch it below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘Fireflies’ By Owl City

Kina Grannis covers 'Fireflies' by Owl CityDecember 9, 2009 – Kina Grannis posted a cover of ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City as her latest YouTube clip. Afterwards, she talked about how her new album is called ‘Stairwells’ and will be out February 23rd. “I went through several names, and this one was just right,” Kina said.

“The other announcement is much more exciting, that is that I finally have a release date. I almost can’t contain my excitement here. I kind of never thought it would happen, but it’s happening and I’m scared and I’m pumped and I just can’t wait for it to be in your ears and in your home,” Grannis said before announcing the February 23rd release. “I cannot express how excited and slightly nervous I am. I’ve put so much into this album. So much time and so much everything.”

Watch the performance and comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Kina Grannis Covers ‘Crawl’ By Chris Brown

  1. jason says:

    why do people love this woman beater?
    Take a look at Guvna Bs myspace. Hes an upcoming gospel/ Christian rapper!
    Lets start promoting the positive youths instead of the negative!

  2. Ms' Linda says:

    the same reason you’ll love Charlie Sheen and he is still on two and half men and you’ll not saying anything that but you got so much to say about Chris Brown what’s up with that is it racist because he is doing what the judge say do but on the other hand she is not she is still in love with Chris and you’ll do not want her to be with him so she gotta talk but what she need to tell young girls do not hit young boys because they will hit back Rihanna is reckless her pr people needs to talk with her she is not going to listen she is no role model not even for her self no she having move on because she is talking because he have moving on we love and we are going to support him 1000000000000 percent

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