Kina Grannis Covers Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

Kina Grannis covers 'Hallelujah' by Leonard CohenKina Grannis posted an a cover of the Leonard Cohen track ‘Hallelujah’ on her YouTube channel.

The Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest winner followed the performance by apologizing for missing some chords in the end, blaming it on the heat in her room. Kina then talked about her show Saturday at the Westfield Century City Mall and a July 25th show at Hotel Cafe. Kina then employed the help of Wall-E for her usual happy birthdays and shout-outs.

“I apologize for the chord at the end,” she said after doing the cover. “It’s like very hot in my room. I’m dying. I keep messing up but I’m gonna have to live with that today.”

Watch it below.

Kina ‘Highlighted In Green’ Home Video

Kina Grannis performs her song 'Highlighted In Green'May 6, 2008 – Kina Grannis posted an acoustic performance of her original song ‘Highlighted In Green’, available at iTunes, on her YouTube channel. Afterwards, Kina talked about an appearance Friday on Lost Cause Radio, a May 24th appearance at the El Rey and several birthday shout outs to her online fans.

“That was kind of a staple back in the college days,” Kina said of the song. “I kind of neglected it for many years it seems.”

Watch it below.

Kina Covers Leona Lewis’ ‘Bleeding Love’

Kina Grannis does a cover of the Leona Lewis song 'Bleeding Love'April 22, 2008 – Kina Grannis is out with an acoustic cover of the Leona Lewis hit single ‘Bleeding Love’. After the performance, Kina ate some grapes and put on a birthday hat and read some upcoming birthdays for her friends and family. She then talked about a show at Cal State Fullerton. She ended by performing a new song she’s working on.

“Special happy birthday wish to her,” Kina said of her mother. “Without whom, I would not be alive, nor would I be functioning. So happy birthday everyone, I hope you have super weeks, especially for the birth day.”

Talking about her video attire, Kina said, “I’m always presentable from (the waist) up, but I mean it’s cold and at night whenever I’m recording. That means often times the lower half of Kina is like pajama pants and skiing socks, all sorts of unattractiveness.”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

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