KISS 108 Crew Tells All About Jessica Simpson’s Marital Betrayal

KISS 108 FM DJ Matt Siegel was emphatic that Jessica Simpson cheated on her then husband Nick Lachey with Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine after the station’s KISS Concert 2004 on May 22nd at the Tweter Center near Boston.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, confirmed, seen, double-checked, Jessica Simpson and [Levine]… 100 percent hooked up at the after party of KISS Concert 2004. Guaranteed. Hooked up. Biblical sense. Done.”

Photographer Andrew Sweeney added, “They were backstage flirting. He was touching her hand. And then they just leaned in and started going at it, making out. Not horribly, like teenage making out, but like adults, little kisses.”

The station’s entertainment reporter Billy Costa added, “The word is they were pretty touchy-feely, and then someone spotted her going into his room.”

So why didn’t it leak out in 2004? “She was married, and the people who saw it kept it confidential,” said KISS roducer Barbara Sharnak. At the time of the show, Lachey was in Fiji with his brother Drew.

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5 thoughts on “KISS 108 Crew Tells All About Jessica Simpson’s Marital Betrayal

  1. kellybsblover says:

    I’m so sick and tired of radio DJs thinking their invincible and that they can talk crap about celebrities without taking their feelings into consideration and I’m not even a Jessica Simpson fan. I think its a lack of respect specially when your not even sure or have any proof what you’re saying really happened.

  2. galleta says:

    I don’t doubt at all that Jessica cheated. She only married I believe cause she didn’t think she had any thing else going for herself. She had even planned to quit the business, I’ll never forget that cause I was shocked to see her on the Newlyweds. She didn’t think she would have lots of money so she refused to sign a pre-nup now it’s back firing. She cheated and she was dishonest karma is a ***** baby.

  3. ImHere says:

    You must not be from Boston and must not listening to this Matty in the Morning… Matty is very opinionated, he’s been a DJ forever here and is very successful and well known. He speaks his mind about EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING, it’s hilarious, because he holds nothing back. From the person who cut out in front of his car in the morning to celebrities and their behavior. That’s who he is, it’s not that he doesn’t care about others feelings he just doesn’t hold back. He’s been like that all his life, and he is actually a very nice guy. Personally, I’m not sure about Jess and what happened it might have or it might have not. But radio DJ’s and press reporters talking about you is the press or any other form is the price of FAME…if they don’t like it then they can leave the business. (celebs just tend to ***** about it because they like the money and to them it’s worth it) If they want to keep their life private then they should be more discrete or pay the price…I really don’t always have much sympathy. And Matty and Billy are awesome, best DJ’s around!

  4. jnfan says:

    They made the story up! US Weekly contacted a Jessica fan site just for pictures because they didn’t have any! “2 people from Us Weekly contacted me last week asking for pics from the Kiss concert from 2004, I didn’t give them any and I was wondering why they needed them, well they made up a story of Jess and Adam kissing backstage at that show LMFAO “

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    All you Jessica Fans were ALSO so sure miss high and might woman would NEVER get divorced from Nick and guess what SHE FILED, So yeah I’m totally believing she cheated she’s a two bit whore.

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