Knoxville And Wife Talked Through Jessica Simpson Rumors

How did Johnny Knoxville’s wife handle all the gossip suggesting he was having an on-set relationship with his co-star in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, Jessica Simpson? “She’s not jumping up and down with glee, but we handle it,” he tells the New York Daily News. “When that kind of stuff happens there’s always moments of uncomfortableness, but we talked through it, and it’s fine.”

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6 thoughts on “Knoxville And Wife Talked Through Jessica Simpson Rumors

  1. popstar says:

    Jessica is having an affair with him.

  2. Michelle13105 says:

    if nothing is going on then what are you telling her before it hits the papers?

  3. Gzuzdude2007 says:

    I don’t think Jessica had an affair with Johnny…If she did she’s a nasty ho that’s just gross, I don’t think she’d cheat on Nick with that low of a guy.

  4. Cabati says:

    they have to know when rumors are going around,most costars get linked in the tabloid

  5. shunny says:

    because before tabloids go to press they call agents,publicists and whoever else they can to get a quote to go with the article or picture.

    i don’t think Jessica is having an affair with him either and I think she should do what Cameron Diaz did and fight back.start suing people. marriage is hard enough without this bullsh**.last time I heard slander was illegal.tabloids should have to have more than a picture of someone standing close together or the fact that their costars in a movie to make such accusations.

  6. popfan_23 says:

    So that she has a heads up, hello she’s goona see it, family and friends too…’, ‘so it’s good to pre-warn them

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