Korean Fans Strong And Didn’t Disappoint Britney Spears

Contributed by britney_rocks_2003:

3000 fans showed up at Korea’s Seoul International airport last week to greet and welcome to their country and culture. Fans brought pictures and huge banners that were displayed to photographers. A special police force was hired by Britney’s people to make sure her security was tight.

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7 thoughts on “Korean Fans Strong And Didn’t Disappoint Britney Spears

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    3000 fans eh? that’s about how many males,females and other miscellaneous animals that lush Aguilera has been with. Remember kids..want to speak Christina speak? just hold out words like yoo and too, and speak softly like some drugged whore that has just been knocked up

  2. Jive says:

    Wow. Britney has the biggest fan base there is today. Not even other artists can reach her status and popularity.

  3. Xtina_Dirrty says:

    No no, Aguilera has the biggest fan base, even though most are German Shepherds, and people with STD’s that she stand up for everywhere. remember kids, even if you have genital warts like Christina , you are beautiful

  4. Jive says:

    You are so funny. I thought that you were bad in English?

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    no no that’s my sister ‘Xtina-Dirrty’. She has a peg leg, a butch man hair cut and looks like a mongoloid barbarian, her English is very poor, just like her intelligence, and hygiene

    3000 fans my ass. Look at those people, they’re like 50 plus only. It’s funny when Mandy Moore went to the Philippines she was rushed to her hotel immediately because there was a stampede going on the airport. While Britney was treated like a boring ambassador. Britney, you’re just simply unpopular.

  6. Jive says:

    I’m really getting confuse. From other posts, you and I really think it’s you that was struggling with English. I don’t know which is which. Are you trying to confuse us since both of you have the same name. And are you sisters? Is anyone of you single? Just asking!

  7. blondeambiti0n says:

    Oh, is that why she gets ALL the attention? Is that why she’s in the headlines and news almost every day? Is that why everyone seems to care what she does, yet doesn’t give a damn about Christina? So that makes Britney unpopular? You are stupid.

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