Kristin Richardson Keeping Busy

Contributed by elgato:

Shan4BSB from the forum at recently got a chance to meet Kristin Richardson, Kevin Richardson’s wife. She says “We went to see Kristin’s play at The Tamarind Theater in Hollywood back on October 27th and talked to her for quite a while after the show. ‘Targets’ is no longer being filmed because they don’t have the funding for it and she said that she just got a re-write to the script of ‘Soupernatural’ but that they were still trying to raise the money to make that film also. It’s hard with independent films because they don’t have the money that a huge film production company has and they are forced to raise the money on their own. She also said that she was offered a part on General Hospital but had to turn it down. She was so completely adorable and did a GREAT job in that play!”

She also said that her play “I’m Here Because Of My Wife” may be coming back in January but to a larger theatre in Los Angeles.”

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