Kucinich’s Naked Breast Fails To Sway Voters

According to the satirical web site The Borowitz report, Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s decision to expose his right breast on national television Sunday night just after did likewise at the Super Bowl did little to woo voters participating in the Democratic primaries and caucuses on Tuesday, exit polls suggest. “My entire family was watching C-Span2 when Mr. Kucinich decided to treat us to the sight of his naked booby,” one writer to the network complained. “My children have been traumatized for life.” Kucinich blamed the shirt-ripping incident on a “wardrobe malfunction.”

Wonders What’s The Big Deal About Janet’s Breast

February 4, 2004 – has added his name to those commenting on Janet Jackson’s breast being exposed at the Super Bowl in Houston on Sunday. The techno-pop star said:

Hmm… Janet Jackson’s tasseled breast. People seem to be very upset about her quasi-exposed tasseled breast. And I don’t want to seem like a cranky hippie, but what’s the big deal? And I don’t want to trot out the same old tired cliches, but why are people more upset about their children seeing a quasi-exposed tasseled breast than about their children seeing people shot and killed during prime time dramatic TV?

And let’s be realistic, ok? Is there a child in TV-land who hasn’t seen a lot more than Miss Jackson’s tasseled breast? Show me a 10 year old boy who hasn’t seen an image of a naked breast and I’ll show you a child who either lives under a rock or will grow up to become a serial killer.

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