Kurt Loder Blasts Nelly Furtado & Michael Greene

MTV’s Kurt Loder has a great rundown of last night’s Grammy awards and much of what he had to say is hard to argue with. Loder said of the – Matthew Perry banter “Who writes this stuff?” As for the ‘Lady Marmalade’ performance: “It was interesting to watch dominating the multi-diva “Lady Marmalade” extravaganza with her soaring voice – and then watch as Patti LaBelle popped up out of nowhere, in full shriek, and simply took over.” Loder wasn’t so kind with , who he called “the irritating Canadian.”

As for Grammy chief for $2 million a year earning Michael Greene, “The man is an annual annoyance at the Grammys; but this year, his mini-tirade about Internet file-sharing, or music “piracy,” as he put it – well, it’s a very valid issue, don’t get me wrong. But addressing it in a tone of scolding condescension (to the accompaniment of occasional boos from the audience) isn’t likely to win over the un-converted.” Read more.

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