Kyle & Jackie O’s Blow-Up With Frenzal Rhomb

This week’s Media Watch on ABC Broadband in Austrlia has their sights on Australia’s syndicated radio DJ’s Kyle and Jackie O of the Austereo Network, after Jackie O’s run-in with Frenzal Rhomb at Bass in the Grass in Darwin, where frontman Jay Whalley lashed out at ‘World Idol’, ‘Australian Idol’, and ‘Popstars’, playing over Jackie O’s attempted introduction.

Whalley phoned into their show the next day where they continued the beef, and Kyle told Jay they’d never play the band’s music on their radio network, but Whalley shot back that they’ve never played their group’s music anyways. They next attacked the radio duo for a phone prank extortion of former singer Katie Underwood.

Watch the clips online in modem or broadband formats.

The entire interview, where Whalley complains about the corporate power of Australian radio shutting out underground local talent, has been removed from And check out the band’s blog for more info at

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