Kylie Minogue Blames Work On James Gooding Breakup

According to Kylie Minogue, it was work and not her love-rat man James Gooding’s cheating ways that killed off their affair. The Mirror reports that in an interview in Australia the singer says: “I just worked and worked and worked. I put on hold all the things in my life that needed dealing with or sorting out or attention and time. I didn’t have the time and space to acknowledge things and deal with them. You live and learn and I really don’t harbor any bad feelings towards him or that period.”

Kylie Minogue Talks With Schooly On Capital FM

November 4, 2003 – Kylie Minogue squeezed in a visit to see Schooly on Capital FM in London into her hectic schedule as she prepared to release her new album ‘Body Language’. In the interview she revealed the inspiration behind the single ‘Slow’ and how she fell in love with it the moment she heard it. Plus, she answers all the questions e-mailed in from listeners. has since removed the interview.

Kylie Minogue Recalls Bedroom Battle With Dannii

October 29, 2003 – The Daily Star reports Kylie Minogue has shockingly revealed that she and younger sister Dannii used to fight while sharing a room as kids. “Dannii was a total pain in the neck,” revealed Kylie. “At one point I’d just had enough and decided the room had to be divided up.”

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