Kylie Minogue Catches Natalie Imbruglia Wedding Bouquet

The Sun reports that when Natalie Imbruglia wed Silverchair singer Daniel Johns on New Year’s Eve, Kylie Minogue caught the bride’s bouquet, a sure sign the singer is set to marry boyfriend Olivier Martinez soon. “Kylie didn’t rush to grab the flowers, they landed right in her grasp,” an onlooker remarked. “She was flushed and giggling afterwards. She knows all too well the significance of catching the bouquet.” Read more.

Olivier Martinez Spends Christmas With Kylie Minogue’s Family

January 3, 2004 – The Glasgow Daily Record reports actor Olivier Martinez was apparently truly accepted by girlfriend Kylie Minogue’s family after throwing himself into the traditional Minogue family charades game. Martinez is said to have taken part with Kylie, singer sister Dannii, brother Brendan and parents Carol and Ron. “Olivier was a huge hit with the family,” says a friend of the Minogues. “He really got into the spirit, helping with dinner, playing party games and basically being a charming guest. Ron and Carol loved him as did the rest of the family.” The family gathering has prompted a new round of marriage rumors between the couple.

Student Bets On Himself To Date Kylie Minogue

January 2, 2004 – Ananova reports 21-year-old Brett Allen from Canterbury, Kent, has bet £25 on being able to date Kylie Minogue over the next 12 months, and was flattered to find that a bookmaker gave him “generous” odds of 100/1. He said: “100/1 sounds like I would have a good chance. It’s nice to think that I have got a much better chance of dating Kylie than winning the lottery.”

Kylie Minogue Faking An ‘O’

December 28, 2003 – The People reports Kylie Minogue admitted that one of her favorite party tricks is re-enacting Meg Ryan’s faking an orgasm moment in ‘When Harry Met Sally’. Asked about her favorite films, the Aussie singer responded, “I like ‘When Harry Met Sally’, because I re-enact those scenes quite often… you know!”

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