Kylie Minogue Checks In From Chile

checked in with fans on her official web site on Wednesday, posting images of her with tango dancers Sylvanna and Ricardo from Rojo Tango in Buenos Aires and making the following statement: “Greetings from South America. I’m working on an idea for a new musical film, which has been in the pipeline for some time. As it’s a new venture it’s very exciting for all of the team involved. Just to whet your appetites as part of this new project I had the pleasure of learning to Tango from some of South America’s best!”

Pregnant Wife Doesn’t Fear Kylie Will Steal Her Hubby

May 13, 2007 – Laura Dahm tells The People she isn’t concerned about her film director husband Alexander leaving her for Kylie Minogue. “I’m prettier than her – and 3 inches taller,” the pregnant 36-year-old proclaimed. “I don’t fear for my marriage. He works with models all the time. If I worried every time he was with a beautiful woman I’d go crazy. And Kylie is not one I worry about.”

Kylie’s New Man A Womanizer Who Loves Dating Celebs

May 13, 2007 – A former girlfriend of film director Alexander Dahm spoke with The Sunday Mirror about his relationship with Kylie Minogue. “Alex is very interested in status and celebrity,” the woman, who asked not to be named, explained. “He does not have much money – but he loves to show off. When he was seeing Maria Conchita Alonso, he could not stop bragging about how he was hanging out with this famous woman. Now he is friends with Kylie, it is the same thing. He said Kylie was constantly speaking to him. They were having, to use his words, a ‘telephone romance’.”

Pregnant Wife’s ‘Week Of Hell’ Over Kylie Affair Claims

May 12, 2007 – Laura Dahm, the heavily-pregnant wife of the film director who vacationed with Kylie Minogue in Chile tells News of the World, “This week without doubt has been the worst of my life.” Laura said from her home in Mexico City: “It has been a week of hell. I am supposed to be enjoying the last few weeks of my pregnancy, getting ready for our baby. Instead I am crying and constantly on the phone to my husband begging him to come home as he is being accused of sleeping with one of the world’s biggest stars. He has begged me to believe him that there is nothing between him and Kylie and I have no choice but to believe him.”

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