Kylie Minogue Checks Out Wedding Dresses In Paris

Closer magazine reports Kylie Minogue has been secretly looking at wedding dresses. The singer, who is currently in a serious relationship with actor Olivier Martinez, bought a £2,500 suit before she was escorted to the haute couture section at the Chanel store in Paris, where customers try on wedding gowns.

Dannii Minouge Denies Kylie Jealously

June 21, 2003 – Despite Kylie Minogue’s huge success, her sister Dannii Minogue insists she isn’t jealous. WENN reports the younger sister saying, “Unless I’m outdoing her single and album sales, then I’m always going to be living in her shadow. But it doesn’t make me want to give up, roll over and die just because Kylie has had more hit records. As long as I love it, it doesn’t matter. I don’t wake up everyday and think about her. I only think about it when other people compare me to her. I don’t live my life looking at it with that perspective.”

Kylie Minogue Nicknames Dannii ‘Bridget Jones’

June 20, 2003 – The Mirror reports Dannii Minogue admits that her sister Kylie Minogue has nicknamed her Bridget Jones because she’s 31 and not had a boyfriend since she split with former Bros star Craig Logan. She said, “Kylie calls me Bridget Jones, but it doesn’t bother me because I have so much going on in my career.”

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  1. jony says:

    £2,500 this price is too high,what I bought my wedding dress is just about 100 us dollars,the store is , it is a online deal,but the quality is good.

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