Kylie Minogue Denies 16 Inch Waist Claims

Sky News reports that has squashed claims that she had a 16-inch waist in her new corset for her world tour. “A 16 inch waist? Wow, even I would be amazed by that,” Kylie said. “Of course that is an exaggeration.” But the singer refused to reveal what her true waist size is. “A showgirl shouldn’t reveal her actual measurements,” she said.

Olivier Flies In For Opening Of Kylie’s Tour Opener

March 19, 2005 – The Mirror reports that French actor Olivier Martinez jetted in from Los Angeles for Kylie Minogue’s tour opener tonight in Glasgow. “There is no way Olivier was going to miss the opening night of her tour,” an insider revealed. “He’s been busy in Hollywood and has been working on a film, ‘Snow Goose’. Everyone thought he’d wait for her to perform in London at the end of April but he told pals he wanted to be there to support her on her big night. Kylie’s thrilled that he’ll be in the audience.”

Big Bucks For Kylie’s Big Tour

March 11, 2005 – Kylie Minogue says her upcoming Showgirl tour is set to cost nearly $10 million, her most expensive tour to date. “I measure the scale of each tour by the number of trucks needed to carry everything around,” the singer said. “For the Fever tour I needed eight trucks, this time I need 15 trucks. This show is so OTT [over the top] that half of one of the trucks is filled with feathers.”

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