Kylie Minogue Denies Reports Of Ecstasy Use

Kylie Minogue ‘seemed’ to deny recent reports that she admitted to using the drug ecstasy to Stuff magazine. Minogue said on her official website, “The ‘stories’ in the media seem to be appearing at lighting speed. Unfortunately I simply don’t have time to set the record straight on the various and numerous ‘matters’, but… if you didn’t actually SEE or HEAR me saying a quote attributed to me, then it’s probably not a sentiment of mine.” Meanwhile, the singer is in New York to rehearse for Saturday Night Live, and she may appear in a few skits as well. Kylie is doing tour rehearsals as well, plus she’ll be doing MTV’s Spring Break.

Stuff’s Bill Schulz Had Minogue Furious In Interview

March 12, 2002 – reports that during Bill Schulz’s interview with in the latest issue of Stuff, the singer went off on Schulz for his probing questions about her drug use and reported sex on a plane incident with her the boyfriend, now deceased Michael Hutchence of INXS. Schultz’s tough questions had London’s Daily Star talking tough over the abusive interview of their UK resident hero. “Cool it, pal. Don’t upset Kylie,” roared the tabloid’s editorial.

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