Kylie Minogue Dons A Tutu For ‘Chocolate’ Video

pirouettes like a veteran in the music video for her new single ‘Chocolate’. “I nearly killed myself in rehearsals,” the Australian pop singer tells the Daily Star. “But the outcome is classy, I hope. It’s a lot different from any other videos I’ve done before. I really wanted to do some ballet in my next video and luckily I’ve been able to.”

Lisa Scott Lee Gets A Song From

May 8, 2004 – Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee tells Sky News she’s receiving help from to hit the radio waves with what she hopes will be a summer hit despite still not having a record deal after parting with Mercury Records in March. “It’s called ‘Alone Again’ and it will rip up the dance floors across the UK,” she revealed. “I owe my comeback to her.”

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2 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue Dons A Tutu For ‘Chocolate’ Video

  1. CharlotteNCusa says:

    Chocolate is so NOT a good single to release. There are MUCH better songs on Body Language to release! Bad Bad Bad choice of song Kylie! :(

    it is very slow and boring. I have to say, the lyrics are about as dumb as one can be. I am a fan of Kylie, and I am very disappointed that she is releases such a single! I am sure everyone will “get that song out of their head”! LOL

  2. Gemmykins says:

    I think this is a really cool song and video cause it shows her old 80s style this song deserves to be at number 1 in the charts

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