Kylie Minogue Enlists Pharrell For US Success

Sky News reports Kylie Minogue plans on working on some new songs with Pharrell Williams for the US, hoping The Neptunes producer can craft the same success for her as he did with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake.

Kylie Owes A Favor To Davina McCall

April 27, 2004 – Sky News reports Davina McCall is planning to ask her pal Kylie Minogue to appear on her show ‘Love On A Saturday Night’. “Kylie owes me a favor of two,” McCall said. “After all, I did appear in her video for the ‘Word Is Out’ in the early 90s – and I have still to receive my check.” McCall was joking about the not getting paid part.

‘Chocolate’ Confirmed As Kylie Minogue’s New Single

April 19, 2004 – reports ‘Chocolate’ is confirmed as the third single from Kylie’s platinum selling album ‘Body Language’. Kylie has recorded new vocals for the track, one of her personal favorites from ‘Body Language’ album and it has also been given a subtle remix for single release. ‘Chocolate’ is due for release early summer.

‘Neighbours’ Coming To America

April 13, 2004 – Sky News reports the Kylie Minogue starring television show ‘Neighbours’ will be shown across the US in a new deal. A source said: “We are hoping to get Kylie to do some interviews about her time in the hit show.”

Kylie Minogue Nixed From ‘Divas’

April 5, 2004 – The Daily Star claims that the organizers of the the VH1 ‘Divas’ special wanted Australia’s top pop export Kylie Minogue to perform some golden oldies like ‘The Locomotion’ and ‘Better The Devil You Know’. But Minogue insisted on belting out some more recent hits from ‘Body Language’. No agreement was reached, so she’s not in the show.

Kylie Minogue Pondering 007 Role

April 5, 2004 – The Daily Star reports Kylie Minogue has become the latest star to be linked to the new James Bond film, but the Australian pop singer is deciding whether to be a good Bond girl or an evil one. “She is continually being sent scripts,” said a spokesman for the singer, adding no deal had yet been signed for a role in the new 007 movie.

Kylie Minogue’s ‘Finding Nemo’ Annoyance

April 4, 2004 – The People reports Kylie Minogue is starting to annoy boyfriend Olivier Martinez by humming tunes to the animated film ‘Finding Nemo’. “She sings ‘Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming’ all the time’,” Martinez complained. “I don’t know what it means exactly. And she’s always pretending to be Dory the angel fish. It’s a bit annoying after a while.”

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4 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue Enlists Pharrell For US Success

  1. urbaniz3d says:

    LMAO, sorry Kylie, you’re a lost cause. Well I guess not – if an untalented fool like Justin can get mega hits from the Neptunes, I guess you can too.

  2. ChoSchmo says:

    Stop hating on Kylie, she probably looks better than some of you teeny boppers. Can you say “Cottage Cheese”? I am sure she can’t cause she doesn’t have any. But I think the Neptunes are “f’ing” tired , with those same ole beats.

  3. ShutTheHellUp says:

    LMAO, sorry Kylie, you’re a lost cause. Well I guess not – if an untalented fool like Justin can get mega hits from the Neptunes, I guess you can too. ==== You are obviously a disgruntled 9 year old. Shouldn’t you be taking a nap or listening to watching the poo with your mommy sweetheart?

  4. CharlotteNCusa says:

    I like Kylie a lot, however her last CD “Body Language” was only OK, while “Fever” in 2000 was AWESOME. Too many artist forget that it takes great music (most of the time) in order to make it really big. One thing I have to give Kylie credit for is that she is one of the largest Female pop stars in the world (outside the US).

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