Kylie Minogue Explains The Dress That Defies Gravity

MTV News spoke with Kylie Minogue about the infamous dress she wears in ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ and how it managed to stay on. Kylie said, “Everybody, of course, is wondering how that dress defied gravity. I was saying [to reporters], ‘Well, we had a team of professional stuntmen, we had harnesses, we had a couple of Alsatians, sticky tape …’ and they’re like, ‘It was tape, right?’ Yeah – it was a couple of bits of tape. I managed to keep my modesty intact those two days of filming. It was funny. People have said, ‘But you’re not wearing anything!’ and I’m going, ‘I’m wearing more fabric than I’ve ever worn in my life in that outfit!” Read more.

Kylie Minogue Is A Klutz At Home

April 1, 2002 – Kylie Minogue spoke with Blender for their current issue and she admits of her home life, “I can scrub up OK. I can be sexy in a video, glamorous at a premiere, but I am an absolute klutz at home.” As for her sex appeal, she admits, “I don’t resent being lusted after. But it makes me feel odd sometimes. If I was having my morning cup of tea it wouldn’t be lust. It would be ‘She’s a good chick’.”

Kylie Minogue’s Worth $39 Million

March 30, 2002 – Kylie Minogue spoke with Rav Singh of the News of the Word where she boasted of being worth $39 million even though she was dumped by her last record label. Kylie said, “I was written off by critics but I never let that upset me. Now I can’t believe how it’s turned out. When I lost my record deal it was a pretty tough time but you have to get on with life and pick up the pieces. Now I want to make more albums and sing until I can’t do it any more.”

Kylie Minogue Thanks Fans After Capital FM Awards

March 28, 2002 – Kylie Minogue thanked fans after her wins at Wednesday’s Capital FM awards in London on her official website, The singer wrote: “Thanks to Capital FM for such a great day. The awards were a real laugh, very relaxed and entertaining!! My sincere thanks to everyone who voted for me in the two categories… you continue to amaze me. Lots of love, Kylie xx”

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