Kylie Minogue Gets Justin Timberlake Out Of Her Head

The Sun reports Kylie Minogue snubbed *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake by going on a date with actor Olivier Martinez. “Contrary to rumors of romance, Justin and Kylie seemed to make every effort not to meet up in Los Angeles,” an LA source said. “It would have taken Justin a minute to go and see her in her hotel but nothing happened. Kylie is taking time out and relaxing for a week or so, but she was keen to meet up with Olivier. She really enjoys his company. She has more in common with him than Justin – Olivier is around her age, Justin’s more than ten years younger.”

Justin Timberlake To Guest On ‘Will & Grace’

February 28, 2003 – WENN reports Justin is set to make an appearance on ‘Will & Grace’, where he’ll play a scheming gay gigolo who steals the heart of flamboyant Sean Hayes’s character Jack, and swindles him out of money. Timberlake reportedly plans to donate his $50,000 paycheck from the show to an AIDS organization.

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