Kylie Minogue & James Gooding Giving Romance Another Chance

The Daily Record reports Kylie Minogue has secretly rekindled her romance with model James Gooding. The two enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner at her hotel suite in Birmingham Friday night. A friend revealed, “Both Kylie and James have missed each other terribly since the split. After a couple of days apart, James realized that he had been a total fool to let Kylie go.”

Kylie Minogue Desperate To Have A Baby

May 11, 2002 – Kylie Minogue admits in a new TV documentary, ‘Kylie: Spinning Around’ that she’s desperate to have a child. Kylie said, “Everything that I am doing at the moment is like playing in the sandpit compared to what is possible in the greater story of life. One day, maybe there will be a family. That will be my greatest achievement in life.”

Einzinger Chooses Kylie As His Female Spokesmodel

May 11, 2002 – The latest issue of FHM features Mike Einziger of Incubus fielding questions from the magazine. On the subject of who he’d choose as his female spokesmodel, Einziger said, “I’d probably go with Kylie Minogue. I think if you were to take all of our pictures, like a picture of each of our faces, and morph them together using the composite technology that they use when the police search for criminals, it would probably look a lot like her.”

Kylie Minogue Sends Tribute To Liquid News Presenter

May 10, 2002 – Top of the Pops reports Kylie Minogue sent a touching floral tribute to the funeral of Christopher Price, the presenter of the BBC show Liquid News who died last month. Kylie’s note read, “Dear Chris, I am an absolute fan, and am so happy to have met you. I was very much looking forward to seeing you again. In fact, I still am. With much love and a big hug, Kylie.” The Aussie was unable to attend the service.

Kylie Minogue Says 1.5 Million Logged Onto Her Saturday Concert

May 7, 2002 – Kylie Minogue checked in with fans on her official website Sunday following the web simulcast of her show in Manchester on Saturday. Kylie writes, “Saturday’s show from Manchester was beamed to you all via the web and an incredible 1.5 million logged on to share the evening with us. Such was your enthusiasm that the system ended up being jammed!! Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoyed what ended up being a show with a few unexpected surprises… most notably a smoke machine that decided to go solo! I am now in Birmingham for a four night run so I might see you there. Love Kylie.”

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