Kylie Minogue: Lady Gaga Is Amazing

Kylie Minogue 'Aphrodite'

spke with ‘Access Hollywood’ about the success Lady Gaga has achieved so quickly in the music industry. “I think it’s amazing,” the Australian pop singer said last week.

“She’s largely responsible — along with others who have brought dance to the kind of mainstream or pop arena in the states. She’s incredibly talented. She’s an absolute force to be reckoned with and I’m a great admirer.”

Watch the interview below the cut.

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4 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue: Lady Gaga Is Amazing

  1. Kevin says:

    SO much respect for Kylie because she said this. I wish Christina would admit she’s a fan. Anyway, Kylie is so great and beautiful. :)

  2. Richard Floyd says:


    I read this news this morning on Free Press that lady Gaga married her old boyfriend singer J786 and that they are planning a press conference sometime this month at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. I don’t know why but I was under the impression that Lady Gaga was a transvestite. Thanks God I’m wrong because I like her and her music a lot. Congratulations lady GAGA on your marriage to J786.

  3. cesar says:

    As always Kylie’s so kind when talking, she’s a big star:)

  4. Ron Milikin says:

    Whatever happened to Lady GaGa and her secret marriage to American Virtual Artist J786? Are they still married secretly or what?

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