Kylie Minogue Performs ‘Love At First Sight’ On ‘TRL’

Kylie Minogue stopped by the MTV Beach House in Seaside Heights, New Jersey to perform her new hit ‘Love At First Sight’ on Total Request Live and chat with host Carson Daly. Kylie talked about her Euro attire, her upcoming busy schedule, and who she considers the sexiest guy in Australia. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: My first guest, an international dance super-star all the way from Australia here to seaside heights new jersey this is Kylie Minogue


Carson: HI there. How are ya?

Kylie: Hi, everyone.

Carson: Kylie, everybody. Very fashionable. Nice summer attire. Great to have you here.

Kylie: Thank you.

Carson: — A busy summer. We see you in Barcelona, in Milan, Paris.

Kylie: Cancun.

Carson: Cancun as well. Those are fine places. But not quite seaside heights New Jersey. What do you think of our beach house.

Kylie: It wasn’t New Jersey, I mean, come on.

Carson: I like it.

Kylie: I’m happy to be here.

Carson: Everybody is happy to have you here.

Kylie: I’m dressed entirely inappropriately.

Carson: You always are. Where do you guys come up with that style.

Kylie: Wait ’til you see what they come out in.

Carson: It looks good. Congratulations your record is doing great.

Kylie: Thank you.

Carson: Did you take time off and relax a bit?

Kylie: Are you kidding.

Carson: No?

Kylie: I’m going to try for a week.

Carson: You did have with Samantha, our winner is here.

Kylie: Yeah, a great time.

Carson: Let’s talk about the video “Love at First Sight” first of all ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head” like all of us do you walk around going la-la-la.

Kylie: Yeah, sometimes.

Carson: Does it drive you crazy.

Kylie: I love the song so much and it has done so much for me I don’t mind it.

Carson: Where do you come up with the style? What goes into this video do you like flip through fashion magazines and go this is cool.

Kylie: I get inspiration from every place but I work closely with my creator collaborator William Baker and his mind is responsible for what the dancers and half of my get-ups, whatever takes our fancy.

Carson: I got to ask you. All the girls on the staff of TRL have asked me the hottest Australian guy. Maybe you could help us they are fighting over these:


Kylie: It seems like.

Carson: Chime in with the Crocodile Hunter, I think he’s got it going on but they don’t listen to me. Who is the hot Australian.

Kylie: Probably Heath does have the —


Kylie: But, you know there’s so much gorgeous Aussie guys, girl. That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Carson: There’s one for everybody. You know whatever you are into, it all good with me. This is cool for us, all access week we like to let the fans get as close to you as possible what your life is like you were nice to participate. How much time do you get to spends with your fans and talk with them maybe online after a show?

Kylie: Mainly at shows. Even if I don’t get to actually talk with the fans, just — just that connection, you know, you understand what they like, what they are into, what they are getting bored with so you hurry to the next song.

Carson: That’s important to you.

Kylie: Absolutely. No point me being there on the stage alone. So now we’re they’re at.

Carson: One giant earring and one little one.

Kylie: Yeah.

Carson: I like it. Are you ready for her to perform?


Carson: We’ll give her a second to hang out. We’ll watch Eminem “Without Me” up two spots better than yesterday here is em at 6 on TRL with Kylie


Carson: I like the Eminem Kylie do you?

Kylie: Diggin’ the Eminem.

Carson: Love Eminem. That’s no. 6. All access week continues, we watched you and Samantha in Paris, you went to TRL in Italy and the last piece we will see you were nice enough to invite Samantha to you went to a big-time

[Inaudible] Party.

Kylie: The

[Inaudible] Party in Milan.

Kylie: She got a huge high-fashion makeover let’s watch Samantha on all access Kylie Minogue.


Carson: Wow! Samantha you looked like you had a great time.

Samantha: I had an awesome time.

Carson: Wild time in Europe. Kylie Minogue all access. Thanks again for that. Do the honors.

Samantha: [Inaudible] On trl today. No. 5 on your countdown please make some noise for the woman who gave me all acces, Kylie Minogue performing “Love At First Sight”


Carson: Unh, unh, unh that’s a summer performance for you Kylie Minogue “Love at First Sight” incredible. How about a round of applause for her and the singers and dancers here lookin’ colorful. Thank you so much for being here “fever” in stores now. Thanks to Kylie Minogue.

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