Kylie Minogue Racy GQ Cover Pulled From Pick ‘n Pay

South Africa’s Independent Online reports the GQ issue featuring a strategically nude on the cover has been pulled by the Pick ‘n Pay supermarket chain in the country, after a customer complained about the sexy shot. Errol Naidoo, speaking for His People church, lauded the decision to remove GQ, saying it was rare to find a large organization that had the courage of its convictions. “We’re pleased to see he is not intimidated by popular culture and stands by his pro-family values,” he said.

Kylie Song Lifted From Classical Composers

October 7, 2002 – Pete Waterman tells BBC Music Magazine that many of the chart topping pop songs he has penned were “stolen” from the works of classical composers, including Kylie Minogue’s ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, which was taken from Pachelbel’s Canon, the Baroque classic for strings. “My job is to make sure you can’t spot it. If I’m good at what I do you shouldn’t be able to hear where I’ve taken it from,” Waterman said.

Minogue’s Sexiness Is An Image, Not Reality

October 7, 2002 – WENN reports thinks she has little sex appeal – describing herself as a “drag queen caught in a woman’s body.” Kylie states, “My so-called sexiness is more like a ‘Carry On’ film – end-of-the-pier fun. It’s all an image, it’s not reality. When I go home the stilettos come off, the slippers come on and I become a complete nana.”

Minogue Doll Set To Arrive In Stores Soon

October 6, 2002 – The Sunday People reports is set to launch a limited-edition 6 inch doll of herself in time for Christmas. “It will have outfits from some of my videos, like the white veil from my single ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’,” she said. “We’re doing a lot of research on other dolls and how well they’re selling. I want it to be top quality.”

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